• SFA's innovative "Brain Fitness for Older Adults" educational program is now available at the Learning Center. This online edition of the course includes all of the instructional information and valuable resources contained in the "hard copy" version of the program. And, it's currently available at a special introductory price.

    • For those who are not sure if online learning is right for them, we have included "Dowel Exercise," a brief free sample course, to help you decide. Although "Dowel Exercise" is short and simple, it follows the same overall format as all of our online courses. So, if you can successfully complete "Dowel Exercise," you can complete any of our online courses. The enrollment key is DOWEL (all caps).

    • Online testing is available for all of our certificate of completion programs including Senior Fitness Instructor Parts 1 & 2, Senior Personal Trainer Parts 1 & 2, and Long Term Care Fitness Leader Parts 1 & 2 and Brain Fitness for Older Adults.

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    To access your course, please click on the appropriate course link below. If this is your first visit to the course area, you will be required to create an account and to log in. After login, you will be required to enter the enrollment key code that you received with your educational materials. If you have enrolled in an SFA program but do not have an enrollment key, please contact SFA.

    Your "test enrollment key" will also enable access to the complete online edition of your program when it becomes available online. Currently only Brain Fitness for Older Adults is available. Please feel free to peruse the online version of your program and to take the free-sample "Dowel Exercise" course while you're here.

    During the next few months complete versions of the rest of our internationally respected, senior-specific, fitness education programs will become available online. Please visit the learning center frequently or contact SFA headquarters for more information.

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Our Graduates Say...

On Senior Fitness Instructor... 

  • "I am glad I chose your organization for this course! Great materials! Lots of great information that I can use for reference over and over again! I liked the materials included. I like that you had everything to work with. The manual is very good and useful as a reference."
    -- Pauline, Washington
  • "I enjoyed having my eyes opened to some very important matters concerning critical areas for seniors."
    -- Randall, Texas
  • "Terms I have encountered in my [organization name omitted] exam materials, which weren’t fully explained, were clarified much better with SFA materials. And I like that the course is specifically dealing with seniors and not the whole population."
    -- Joan, California
  • "I liked the exercises displayed with each section. It will be helpful in class planning."
    -- Cindy, Missouri
  • "I wish more [organization name omitted] credit courses (by other companies) were as well laid out and knowledgeable in their subjects. I have been [organization name omitted] certified for 15 years and this is one of the best correspondence courses! Extremely well organized and, most importantly, the questions and content are useful for this subject area."
    -- Rachel, Washington
  • "This is one of the best manuals for older adults that I have found in my studies! Many thanks to Janie Clark! The content of the course is excellent and most useful. It was especially helpful having the exercises pictured along with the 'instructor-to-client' information and the 'teaching tips and ideas.'"
    -- Mary, Florida


On Senior Personal Trainer... 

  • "I liked the progression of content. Challenging and exciting even though I have a BS in physical education. The program is age-specific which is why I enrolled. I am energized and looking forward to taking more of your courses. Very courteous staff. Material well presented in a clear, concise manner and with systematic logical order."
    -- Barbara, New Hampshire
  • "I will recommend this course to others. Useful information."
    -- Nancy, New York
  • "I am looking forward to applying all study materials to my new career in senior personal training and to my own personal fitness program as a ‘senior’ myself! Thank you! I like all of the detailed information from start to finish. Very thorough and applicable to trainer and clients! I found value in the explanation of the seven fitness assessment tests, training goals, and implementation of functional fitness training. Thank you for the valuable work you do to assist trainers and clients to achieve healthy lifestyles as seniors!"
    -- Cathy, Louisiana
  • "It was very informative. I was able to apply it immediately."
    -- Mike, Oregon
  • "I liked all the great hands-on ideas, as well as the client handout sheets and functional fitness emphasis. The materials were well organized."
    -- Mary Ann, Illinois
  • "The course not only covered subject matter regarding the actual job of senior personal trainer, but also marketing and acquiring clients. I liked the anatomical details and explanations."
    -- Phillip, Arizona


On Long Term Care Fitness Leader... 

  • "As an activity coordinator in LTC facilities for the past 12 years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed studying for this course — Part One and Two! Plan to take more courses from SFA. Will share much of what I’ve learned with the staff at my ALF workplace. Very informative!"
    -- Elise, Florida
  • "Great information. Very useful material that can actually be applied to real life situations. Truly enjoyed this applicable material. I was refreshed by the material and I also learned a few new techniques and ideas. Material is very helpful whether as a beginner or a refreshment course. Very good!"
    -- Jose, New Mexico
  • "What I liked most about the course — Everything!! I enjoyed all the materials and videos. I liked the way these were organized and boxed in sets for future reference. I liked the wide range of topics covered. I especially enjoyed the in-depth coverage on arthritis, as well as the overview of commonly prescribed medications and their effects on exercise."
    -- Mary, Illinois
  • "I liked the conversational, practical writing style. Helpful information."
    -- Cathy, Maryland
  • "All great! I liked the information flow and the in-depth info. Great info."
    -- Debra, Ohio
  • "I loved all the terrific activity ideas that my frail elderly fitness participants can take part in both safely and successfully. These workouts and activties are fun, beneficial, and easy to conduct. They have my participants smiling, laughing, moving, and engaging with each other. Thanks a million, SFA!!!"
    -- Sharie, Florida


On Brain Fitness for Older Adults... 

  • "I could not put the materials back down because it was so fascinating. I loved the video. Very informative."
    -- Margaret, Tennessee
  • "I liked the suggested plans for brain fitness projects, and covering just enough historical and physiological content. Good mix of reading and video content. Very good program."
    -- Lori, Virginia
  • "I liked the variety of material — practical and theoretical. The references were excellent, and the additional resources were helpful."
    -- Suzanne, Oklahoma
  • "I liked the simplicity of materials and instruction sheet suggestions to complete class."
    -- Leslie, California
  • "Very easy to understand — even technical terms made sense."
    -- Betty, Illinois
  • "Extremely educational, comprehensive, and practical! Thank you so much for making this unique course available!! It will be invaluable for helping my clients maintain and improve their quality of life!"
    -- Hope, Florida


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  • Dowel Exercise, a free sample online course, is now available.
  • Brain Fitness for Older Adults is now available online.
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